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Restoration With CEREC

What does CEREC Method mean?

Restoration With CEREC - Jacqueline S. Brown, DDS, HonoluluCEREC or Cerec (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction) is a method of CAD/CAM dentistry developed by W. Mörmann and M. Brandestini at the University of Zurich in 1980 for creating dental restorations.” -the definition was taken from

The way of restoration with CEREC:

Technology now has the ability to take teeth to a whole new level with computer aided design and manufacturing of individual dental restorations. Dentists can now produce and apply inserts directly to the treated tooth and in the treatment chair, without having to utilize a laboratory or perform multiple visits.

If a dentist does not possess a milling machine or a special printer, they have the possibility of taking images with a special intraoral camera and emailing the 3-D models to a lab which will produce what the dentist created.

This precise restoration process focuses on problems like occlusion, surface damage from decay or other issues or missing teeth. The material used is typically color matched ceramic that is milled with diamond coated burs per computer program specifications in just 15 minutes or less. Some additional touches from the dentist can include staining and glazing, polishing and carving with smaller burs for more detailed anatomy in order to achieve a natural look.

Aside from the ease of application during single appointment visits, the ceramic end result has the most similar physical and esthetic qualities as the teeth around them. This process has nearly eliminated the need for frequent follow up work or adjustments. Additionally, CEREC crowns tend to last longer than those made from gold or porcelain fused to metal and fillings such as amalgam.

Digital mapping has the ability to chart the interior of a patients mouth in astounding detail. This allows for comprehensive charting of all of the teeth and their exact location, ensuring there are no issues or risks of inaccurate dental impressions. Also eliminated are the powders, instruments, bulky trays and messy materials inside the mouth which often caused people to gag. This is a huge advantage to many people.

Since impressions and physical molds are an important part of orthodontics, the CEREC process has the ability to reduce discomfort for patients by speeding up imagery. Orthodontic appliances such as the Invisalign Clear Aligner Treatment are less intrusive and uncomfortable for patients while achieving desired effects.

Allow Dr. Brown’s team to guide you in examining options and determining the best choice for dental restoration or enhancement. Along with Dr. Brown, dentists around the world have used CEREC for nearly 7 million restorations. This year in Las Vegas there will be a 30-year celebration of the history of CEREC with thousands attending!!

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Jacqueline S. Brown, DDS, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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