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  • From the moment I walked into her office, I could feel the family vibe. The nurses and receptionists were extremely friendly and funny. - Devon
  • Excellent service, from the phone call, to the receptionist in person, to the hygienist, to Dr. Brown herself. A+ all around. - Eric
  • I have been going to Dr. Jacqueline Brown for 6 years now, and the experience is always pleasant and quick. Everything done here is done with a smile. - Ash
  • They are very gentle with my gums during cleaning, teeth whitening process, x-rays, etc. Been going to her for a little over a year now and I would highly recommend her and her staff. - Kristine

As a leading dental care practice in Honolulu, HI, we understand the importance of good dental hygiene and oral care and are committed to providing you the best care in a calm, pleasant environment.

From common problems to gum disease, we provide an array of dental services to meet your needs all in one convenient location.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Growing in popularity, cosmetic dentistry allows dentists to provide services ranging from minor changes or fixes to significant repairs. Cosmetic dentistry puts the focus on improving the appearance and health of the teeth and mouth while traditional dentistry deals mostly with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and oral hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes also referred to as an elective treatment or service even though it often provides restorative benefits to teeth.

Certain dental treatments can fall into both restorative and preventative categories. For example, dental fillings, while offering a treatment for cavities also have the ability to improve appearance through the use of materials such as porcelain which closely matches the natural color of teeth. Many people choose to replace their metal fillings with fillings made of contemporary materials which match their tooth color more closely to enhance oral appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Jacqueline S. Brown, DDS, Honolulu, HIAnother treatment of cosmetic dentistry, perhaps the most common, is tooth whitening. Tooth whitening has the ability to remove stains caused by food, medication, aging, smoking, beverages such as tea and coffee as well as poor oral hygiene. The process has the ability to make any natural tooth shade brighter and whiter. Whitening is also commonly referred to as bleaching.

Treatments begin with the dentist but can be administered at home or in the dentist’s office. A custom mouthpiece may be created for use by the patient in applying the whitening medium as the dentist advises. The mouthpiece ensures the correct amount of solution is applied and that teeth are adequately exposed to the treatment. Depending on the desired shade, whitening or bleaching can take several weeks to accomplish at home while whitening treatment at the dentist’s office is typically a speedier process.

Contouring and reshaping is another procedure which cosmetic dentistry has to offer. When teeth are crooked, irregular, damaged or chipped, tooth reshaping and contouring has the ability to change the appearance, shape, size or positioning of a tooth or set of teeth. Contouring is another process which is not only beneficial from a cosmetic standpoint, but can also serve as traditional dentistry in that it can adjust a bite or correct tooth alignment.

Bonding is the process of making minor repairs to teeth using a tooth colored composite resin material for filling gaps, chips and cavities. Crowns and veneers have the ability to make the kinds of corrections that bonds do. However crowns and veneers work as caps to cover the tooth either partially or wholly. While crowns are the most time consuming cosmetic dentistry one can undergo, they are also the longest lasting enhancement a smile can get.

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