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  • From the moment I walked into her office, I could feel the family vibe. The nurses and receptionists were extremely friendly and funny. - Devon
  • Excellent service, from the phone call, to the receptionist in person, to the hygienist, to Dr. Brown herself. A+ all around. - Eric
  • I have been going to Dr. Jacqueline Brown for 6 years now, and the experience is always pleasant and quick. Everything done here is done with a smile. - Ash
  • They are very gentle with my gums during cleaning, teeth whitening process, x-rays, etc. Been going to her for a little over a year now and I would highly recommend her and her staff. - Kristine

As a leading dental care practice in Honolulu, HI, we understand the importance of good dental hygiene and oral care and are committed to providing you the best care in a calm, pleasant environment.

From common problems to gum disease, we provide an array of dental services to meet your needs all in one convenient location.

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Dental Care||Dental Care Methods||Teeth CorrectionPosted On April 28, 2015 By admin

Crowns are a sort of cap made of porcelain, ceramic, resin or metal and used in dentistry for the restoration of teeth. The different crown materials allow dentists to accomplish a wide range of techniques and results . Crowns are most commonly used in order to maintain or restore teeth’s appearance, shape or size. They […]

Taking Care of Oral Hygiene

Dentist in Hawaii||Dentist in Honolulu||Oral HygienePosted On April 16, 2015 By wpseo

Teeth not just form a core element of your mouth rather it is more than that. You need to have clear gums to maintain oral hygiene and decayed and stain teeth looks bad. There are many gum diseases that are common which is caused due to poor oral hygiene and lifestyle habits which need to […]

Some of the Methods and Machines Used For Dental Care

Dental Care||Dental Care Methods||Dentist in Hawaii||Dentist in Honolulu||Machines For Dental Care||Teeth CorrectionPosted On April 15, 2015 By wpseo

There are multiple methods of dental care as well as of teeth and smile correction but apart from that with the latest use of technology, dental care is predominantly spread in Honolulu. The methods used by best dentist Honolulu are many which have to be looked at. Dental Bridge – to replace the teeth which […]

Treating Gum Disease

Dental Care||Dentist in Hawaii||Dentist in HonoluluPosted On April 14, 2015 By admin

Gum disease, also known as Gingivitis and Periodontitis, is a condition in which gums become inflamed and swollen to different degrees due to plaque build up under the gum line. It can also have a damaging effect on the teeth and bones and is caused by a range of lifestyle activities and biological events. Plaque […]

Different Process of Teeth Correction

Dental Care||Dentist in Hawaii||Dentist in Honolulu||Oral Hygiene||Teeth CorrectionPosted On April 9, 2015 By wpseo

At the dentist’s office what strikes most is the level of service that they offer by which you will be satisfied of whether to go in for the services or not. Oral health is to be maintained at all costs. Hawaii dentist boasts of a number of clinics which needs to be checked beforehand. 1. […]

Get the Perfect Smile by Dental Care

Dental Care||Dentist in Hawaii||Dentist in Honolulu||Teeth CorrectionPosted On March 31, 2015 By wpseo

The rising importance of dental care is increasing day by day. The services of dental care makes you smile through the course of your life. As it is said “Smile costs nothing” but the services do and to get that perfect smile in Honolulu you have to visit the dentist Honolulu. To get the perfect […]

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